Tried & Tasted: PurePasta

Gluten-Free China was recently invited to taste three PurePasta products including Pure Rice, Pure Spaghetti, and Pure Noodles.

PurePasta is a Swedish brand, owned by Insperium Foods AB. They have been in health food business in Europe for several years and have decided to bring some of their products into China. PurePasta is made from a vegetable fiber (konjak glucomannan) extracted from the cognac root. The products are vegan and completely free from gluten, fat and sugar.

As we started to work with these products, the first thing that caught our eye was the label stating they contain only 6 calories per 100 grams and no carbohydrates at all. Considering your average 100 grams of rice or pasta have at least 150 calories and 20+ grams of carbs, these nutrition facts were pretty impressive.

We started with the Pure Spaghetti and a plan to prepare a simple Asian stir fry. Upon opening the package, we found the noodles sealed in a liquid filled pouch.  As per the instructions, we drained and rinsed the noodles and added them to the last three minutes of our veggie stir fry.

Digging into our Pure Spaghetti, the springy noodles reminded us of cooked ramen and added a nice volume and texture to our dish. We loved how sturdy the noodles were, keeping their shape and texture through cooking, fork twirling, and eating.

We tried the Pure Noodles next, curious how they would differ in look, feel, and taste from Pure Spaghetti. The Pure Noodles looked so good out of the package, that we had to sneak a taste before throwing them into the pan. Compared to the Pure Spaghetti, the Pure Noodles looked and tasted even closer to the wheat noodles we remember. They are thicker than your average pasta noodle, and long and straight compared to the spiraling Pure Spaghetti noodles. They were so good, in fact, that we had to sneak in a few more bites before adding the rest to our chicken dish that was quick and delicious.

Finally, we tried the Pure Rice. Again, this product has no carbs, only 6 calories, and takes 3 minutes to cook. We had some pre-cooked chicken and vegetables and used the Pure Rice to make a quick and easy lunch. The packaging for the rice was the same as the spaghetti and noodles, and only required a quick rinse and reheat. We threw everything into a hot pan with a little oil and spices and stirred around just long enough to heat up. Within about 6 minutes total, we had a hot yummy lunch to enjoy.

Living gluten-free in Asia means we eat a TON of rice both in and out of our homes. With so much rice at our fingertips, we wondered if it was really really worth buying Pure Rice, and how it would compare to real rice.

First of all, we have to say again that having to only drain, rinse, and heat for 3 minutes is a big bonus. Also, Pure Rice has almost no calories and adds so much of a grain-feel without any grains at all. Finally, the taste and texture work. You get the look and feel of eating a dish with rice, without the weight of such a dense grain.

On that note, all of the PurePasta products were less dense than their wheat/rice counterparts, but had a familiar grain-feel when we bit into them. They don’t weigh down a dish, and we like that one of us can eat a whole package – 200 grams – without consuming tons of calories or loading up on carbohydrates.  

Maybe the best part of PurePasta products are that they are so quick and easy. Living gluten-free in China often means bringing our own food along or doing a lot of cooking at home, which can get old. For that reason, we are always on the lookout for products that are easy to prepare and easy to take along. PurePasta definitely fits the bill on both counts.

Overall, we think these PurePasta products would be a great addition to the cupboard of anyone who avoids gluten. For healthy, quick, and easy gluten-free food, PurePasta definitely exceeded our expectations.

Readers with Celiac disease or serious gluten intolerance will also be reassured to know PurePasta takes their gluten-free labeling seriously. The products are naturally gluten-free and the factory only processes this kind of products so there are no other food products handled in the facility. In addition, they run an independent test (called Sandwich Elisa test) through Eurofins laboratories to ensure the production meets all standards. They have used Eurofins for the testing and the results meet the requirements of the Swedish Coeliac association (Svenska Celiakförbundet), although they have not paid for the right to use that logo on their products.

PurePasta currently only sell their products online, but plan to open offline store options in a couple of months. PurePasta ships all over China and can be purchased on their website, on Taobao, and by Wechat: ID – purepasta.

Photos from us and PurePasta.

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