Sanna Luoto, Founder & Director, MSc Food Sci

In 2001 Sanna was diagnosed with coeliac disease, since then, she has followed a gluten-free diet and developed a passion for educating others about gluten-free living and issues related with.

She is an expert in gluten-free food technology and has experience in the food & beverage industry. Sanna is also a freelance writer, writing for issues related to coeliac disease and has contributed to the Finnish Coeliac Society.

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Chiara Ambrogi, Community Manager / Community Development, BSc Psychology with French / Masters in Marketing and Communication

Chiara is an Italian “gypsy” who has grown up around the world. She first arrived in Shanghai in 2012 but was only diagnosed coeliac in Singapore in 2015. After a difficult year adapting to gluten-free in Singapore, she returned to Shanghai in 2016 full of optimism and motivation. Her goal is to make life easier for the GF community in any way possible.

A believer in teamwork, she looks forward to networking and sharing experiences, information and ideas to make gluten-free living in China easier!

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Tiffini Blake, Community Manager / Administration, Events

Tiffini is a certified Personal Trainer from Australia with a passion for health, fitness and nutrition. With many twists and turns along the way, and began to suffer from more food sensitivities, gluten being the main culprit, her focus turned to nutrition and more specifically focusing on gluten intolerance.

Tiffini has very recently made the move to Shanghai in 2017. Fresh to China she was quickly aware of the challenge she faced living a GF lifestyle in Shanghai, and thus into making a difference in standards of GF living in here.

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Hannah Baker, GFCN Dietitian, Registered Dietitian

Nutrition relating to intolerances and allergies is a great professional interest of Hannah. From a personal standpoint, she has followed a GF diet more than 15 years and understands the hard work, frustration and anxiety that can be involved with this diet. She has been living in Shanghai for a year and in that time she has been working with clients such as the SIPG Football Club, Aboro Boxing Academy, XpertHealth and JuzPlay.


Jovana Bogojević, Community Manager / Beijing, BA Student of The Flute

Jovana is from Montenegro and is student at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. After a few years of constant health issues, she was finally diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2015. Immediately upon starting a rigorous GF diet, her health was gradually restored. She is a follower of a healthy GF vegan diet and in now contributing in raising awareness of gluten-induced issues.


Djamila Muller Villela, Community Manager / Guangzhou, Pilates Instructor

Djamila moved to Guangzhou in July 2016 after living in Japan six years. She is a professional Pilates instructor with a background in corporate communications. In 2009, she was diagnosed with CD which led her to profoundly rethink her diet and her relationship to food.

She loves to share the knowledge she has learned along the way, encouraging those around her to experiment and to find the foods that help them achieve and sustain, long-term vibrant health. And when she’s not teaching Pilates, she’s busy creating gluten-free, plant-powered meals for her family and friends.


Shannon Rubin, Community Manager / Guangzhou, BS Psychology

Shannon moved to Guangzhou from the US in December of 2016, a year after her CD / Hashimoto’s Disease diagnosis. Since that time, she has made it her mission to find and master recipes for delicious foods she and her family can enjoy. Shannon has also made and effort to find places in Guangzhou where she can enjoy delicious meals that meet her gluten/dairy/legume-free needs. She is excited to make eating gluten-free in GZ just a bit easier.


Laura Henttunen, GF Medical and Insurance Coordinator, Registered Nurse, Public Health Nurse

Laura is GFSH Medical and Insurance specialist. While she is volunteering in GFSH she is also working as Asia Pacific Operation and Network Development Manager at Assist Card, (Travelers Medical Emergency & Assistance Company).

Laura has been living in Shanghai since 2011 and has extensive working experience in medical and health care field. Laura is valuable member of our team and can be contacted for health and insurance questions.


Pia Heikkurinen, GF Community Advisor, MSc Soc Sci

Upon her repatriation Pia now works for the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. She continues to promote her passion of better Sino-Finnish relations and Finnish national brand. She now works as the GFCN Lead in Finland.



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