Zhongqing Jiang, MSc Food Sci
Zhongqing, a PhD student (2013- ) studying Cereal Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland, is from Anhui, China. His research topic is about cereal and legume protein processed for food applications. At the moment, he is mainly interested in fava bean and oat, which both are naturally gluten-free. Before that, he worked with other gluten-free cereal chemistry themes for more than a year during his master degree studies.

Xin Huang, MSc Food Sci
Xin is a food scientist; he completed his BSc degree of food science and engineering in Sichuan University, China, and further finished his MSc in University of Helsinki. Now living in Finland, he is PhD student in cereal technology group, and working with coeliac-toxic proteins and immunological analysis in gluten-free foods. He has been attending to many CD and GF conferences and keeps himself updated in this field.

Sophia Chiu, MS Human Nutrition
Sophia is a nutritionist and completed her master’s degree at Columbia University Medical Center. Her thesis investigated the role of glia cells in modulating stem cell proliferation in the intestine and is now working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a research technician.

Kuang Zong (Nancy), MS Human Nutrition
Nancy completed her master’s degree at Columbia University Medical Center, Institute of Human Nutrition. She is a research technician at New York Obesity Center, St. Luke-Roosevelt Hospital. She is also an expert in bone health and is now involving in a research studying bone mineral density change during pregnancy.

Annie Taylor Chen, Vegan nutritionist, home cook and photographer
Vegan nutritionist, home cook and photographer based in Shanghai, China and Stockholm, Sweden. She is very passionate about green, healthy and compassionate living. On her website VeganAnn she also provides many gluten-free and vegan recipes. Annie encourages people to take responsibility for their diet and lifestyle, it’s never too late to start eating well and working out!

María de los Ángeles Awad, Agricultural Engineer, MS Food Production, MBA, Shanghai, China

Carina Birkebæk Nielsen, Freelance Clinical Dietitian, Denmark

Jovana Bogojevic, coeliac, based in Beijing, China

Minna Erkkilä, MSc Econ, Brisbane, Australia

Katriina Granlund, MSc IT, Finland

Michal Hak, BSc Biotech and Food Eng, Israel

Hanna Hillilä, graphic designer behind the visual identity of GFCN, in Singapore

Magnus Holmstrom, PE Teacher, Shanghai, China

Lin Hou-Moersdorf, MBA, MSE, CPA, CMA, Malaysia

Kajsa Kajander, PhD and Nutritionist, Helsinki, Finland

Hanna Kuusisto, visual designer, Helsinki, Finland

Grace Liu, PharmD, Integrative medicine practitioner, California, USA

Anna Mikola, MSc Econ, Finland

Daniel Moersdorf, Malaysia

Melissa Monahan, B.A., M.At, N.Ed, and Life Coach, USA

Virva Orre, chef, Tampere, Finland

Carey Page, RD, Haimen, China

Maria Paola Panero, Raw Vegan Chef, Italy

Sandi Reinders, GF Baker, Shanghai, China

April Rixon, yoga teacher with Diploma in Nutrition, England

Colleen Symmes, North American Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, BSc, Shanghai, China

Eiko Takahashi-Hoffmann, Japanese Chef specialised in healthy eats, Shanghai, China

Akiko Natalie Tomonari, MD, Board Certified Gastroenterologist, at Parkway Health, Shanghai, China

Freyja O´Toole, English Literature MA (Hons), Shanghai, China

Simo Turunen, photographer, Tampere, Finland

Laura Uhari, Registered Nurse, Finland

Amy Yuen, Architect, GF diet follower, Shanghai, China

Jessica Woodruff, Nutritionist, Shanghai, China

Jacqueline Zhan Fraise, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Shanghai, China

Edvard Österberg, Graphic Designer, Shanghai, China


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