Past Event: GF Gastro Health Q&A

On Thursday, May 18, Gluten-Free China had the honour of hosting a Q&A session with Dr. Akiko Natalie Tomonari (MD, Gastroenterology Specialist) from ParkwayHealth in Shanghai. Dr. Tomonari is a coeliac disease expert and she talked in depth about this autoimmune disease, its diagnosis and follow up procedures per US standards. Moreover, she discussed on the similarities and differences between similar gluten-related gastrointestinal conditions.

We are glad to share Dr. Tomonari’s Coeliac Disease presentation with you! The document she presented also includes a list of the coeliac-related blood tests available in Shanghai and in China, which she confirmed are sufficient as the first phase of coeliac diagnosis and for follow-up blood tests after diagnosis. You can download and read the full document from the session at the link below. If you would like to meet Dr. Tomonari for a consultation, you will find her contact details in the document or you can contact ParkwayHealth.

Dr. Tomonari’s Coeliac Disease Presentation

We thank Dr. Tomonari, ParkwayHealth and everyone who attended for this insightful session and for helping build awareness of this disease within the Chinese medical world. We look forward to hosting another session with them in the near future!

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