Finding gluten-free food in a city as big as Beijing may be a little daunting but fear not! We have collated guides with tried&tested products, shops and restaurants to help you weave your gluten-free path in the capital of the Middle Kingdom.

Beijing GF Shopping Guide

Beijing GF Dining Guide

While we try to provide up to date guides, changes in management or changes in product recipes can sometimes be hard to keep up with. Please always verify venues and non-certified GF products. You can never be too safe!

In the spirit of community and team work, feedback and recommendations are welcome. If you have a bad experience or wish to recommend a product, shop or restaurant contact us to let us know.

Last but not least, stay tuned. As the Gluten-Free China Community is expanding, we will continue to update our guides with new outlets and locations!

Photo credit Toni Rosvall.


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