I’m coming to China for a short trip. What do I need to know?

  • Start with our Ultimate Guide which will help you understand the special challenges to gluten-free eating in China.
  • Next, check out our City dining and shopping guides for the cities you plan to visit
  • Plan to pack easy to travel snacks foods to eat while you are here. It will be hard to quickly find snacks, crackers, cereals, and bars so it is better to bring your own.
  • Finally, check with your hotel before you come. Many Western/Modern hotels are more familiar with different dietary needs and may be able to accommodate you during your stay.

I’m thinking about moving to China. What can you tell me about living Gluten Free in China?

  • Start with our Ultimate Guide which will help you understand the special challenges to gluten-free eating in China.
  • Next, check out our City dining and shopping guides for your city.
  • Plan to pack easy to travel snacks and foods to get you started. It can take some time to figure out gluten-free eating here, and gluten-free snacks in particular can be harder to come by. Also, specific GF baking ingredients can be hard to find or costly. Having a proper oven in the apartment is a must if planning to make your own bread etc.

Where can I find gluten-free Chinese food in China?

  • We know it is a let down, but most Chinese restaurants will be unable to accommodate individuals with coeliac or gluten-intolerance. We have some tips in our Ultimate Guide.
  • Chinese food almost always contains soy sauce or unknown flours. The concepts of gluten and food allergies are extremely limited in China, and many restaurants don’t know the components of the ingredients they use. Even if you can explain your intolerance, they may bring an item made with a sauce or other ingredient that contains gluten. For this reason, we highly recommend sticking to more international restaurants or those with internationally trained chefs. Our dining guides are a great start to finding delicious food in China.

Can I buy gluten-free groceries in China?

  • There are a wide variety of healthy, naturally GF foods and ingredients that you can find almost anywhere. Find our list here.
  • Check out our Dining Guides for specific cities.
  • Look for grocery stores with imported goods where you will have a better chance of finding items with a gluten-free label.
  • Our Ultimate Guide also contains a list of a few online stores that offer gluten free products.
  • It’s always a good idea to supply GF cereals, crispbread and other pantry supplies when traveling to the destinations with better availability. Usually plant-based, processed and pre-packed dry foods won’t cause problems at the customs when returning to China as long as amount is to your private use.

I’m going to cities that you don’t currently have guides for. Where can I find gluten-free food around China?

  • Check out our Ultimate Guide guide to better understand the specific challenges and recommendations for eating out in China.
  • You can sometimes find recommendations online by searching for the words “gluten free” and the city you plan to visit. There are more and more gluten-free individuals visiting and living in China all of the time, and many have written their experiences or have recommended places to eat through TripAdvisor. Of course, as with eating out anywhere, be sure to check with the staff about your particular dish and be aware of the risk of cross contamination.
  • If you live in a city that we haven’t covered, please contact us at contact@gluten-freechina.com. We are open to developing more city guides and expanding our gluten-free WeChat communities to support more areas in China.

My company is interested in offering gluten-free options/products in China. Can I connect with Gluten-freeChina.com to e.g. find a distributor or promote my product?

  • At this time we are volunteer lead and are unable to provide any consulting services.

How can I connect with others who are living GF in China?

  • Email us at contact@gluten-freechina.com with your location and WeChatID and we will send you an invitation to join one of our WeChat groups.

I have more questions about living/eating GF in China. Where can I turn?

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