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GF Christmas

For all of us Christmas dinner is one of the most important dinners of the year. All the traditional dishes prepared since your childhood bring to mind happy memories, scents and flavors. Christmas dinner has such a big significance to us.

But what to do when you are not able to eat all those wonderful dishes you are used to? How do you create new traditions? I promise you will, and easily! Little by little you and your family will find a way to make a delicious gluten-free Christmas dinner.

With serving and preparing gluten-free dishes comes a few things to remember. Always use separate cookware, serving dish and tools for the gluten-free options. Even a small amount of gluten will cause symptoms to those with coeliac disease. Read product descriptions carefully, watching out for hidden gluten.

Most of us are now living in a foreign country with a different culture. This is a great opportunity to make your Christmas dinner international by sharing all the gifts the earth has given us. Therefore, for the first course I would suggest fish. You can make tasty sushi or pastrami. You can also buy some raw pickled salmon or cold-smoked salmon in Scandinavian style. If you prefer meat, I suggest Italian style ham with horseradish cream.

For the main course, there are plenty of choices. Because we are living in China, how about enjoying Peking Duck perhaps delivered by Sherpa? A vegetarian option could be Indian style stuffed red peppers. All those lovely spices, with the scent of Christmas, are used daily in Indian kitchens.

Dessert may be the most tricky dish to prepare gluten-free. If you want to bake, there are plenty of gluten-free recipes available on the web. Chocolate without biscuit crumbs, dried fruits or berries and nuts are all suitable for gluten-free diets. Mixed fruit, ice cream or sorbet can accompany any style of menu. Easy delicious dessert is oven baked pears with blue cheese, cashew nuts and honey. And if you ate just a little bit too much, which sometimes happens on a Christmas dinner, rum marinated plums with whipped cream is just light enough to end the dinner with.

With a toast of sparkling wine, Merry Christmas to GFCN Community!

SarpanevaTimo_credits to Liisa Valonen

Photo credits: VisitFinland.Com and Timo Sarpaneva / Liisa Valonen


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